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Fantasy Submarine Game presents a breathtaking variety of submarine games!
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Fantasy Submarine Game is a free arcade game. You will be driving a submarine with a very specific mission, find a monster that has been sinking submarine, ships, commercial crafts and it also has gone out of the sea and caused problems at land. Your submarine is equipped with high-end technology and you as a very experienced captain have been selected to navigate it, so now you have become the humanities hope. Since you are searching the monster underwater at its domains you will have to attack everyone since they are not at your side; on each level you will find new enemies that become stronger and stronger, among them you will find little fishes, swords, sharks, rays and the monster itself. Be careful to pick up the bonuses that are dropped to the ocean, among them you will find your weapon, hit points, life savers, treasures and points. If you don’t carry your weapon you will have to evade your enemies since each touch will take you some hit points, and in the special case of facing the monster, don’t touch it or you will die immediately. To control the submarine all you need is the arrow keys at your keyboard. At the end you can also upload your high scores to a world wide record site.

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